D.T. Drive And Trust Ltd  started in 1989 with location in the center of Nicosia. It`s founder focused to providing a low cost, high value and reliable rental experience to corporate and leisure clients.


    When you pick the car up, you’ll need:

    • Passport or national ID card
    • Driving licence
    • Credit card
    • Debit cards are not accepted.
    • Minimum Rental Days 3 Days

    All drivers must be aged between 25 and 75.

    The main driver must be in possession of a Credit Card in their own name when picking up the car. The Credit Card must have enough available funds to cover the excess / deposit amount (which will be blocked on the Card for the duration of the rental). 

    When picking the car up, the main driver and any additional drivers will need to provide a full driving licence in their name.

    All drivers must have held their driving licence for at least 3 years.

    For drivers whose national licence has a photocard licence and a secondary paper counterpart licence, both parts will be required when collecting the vehicle.
    An International Driving Permit is required if the driving licence is printed with non-Roman Alphabet.

    Pick-ups / Drop-offs 

    Your rental starts and finishes according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times detailed on your rental agreement.
    No refund of unexpired hire will be given to the client.

    Arrival Details

    Flight Details – Please tell us your flight number date and time. (ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE) ideally, at least 5 days before you pick your car up.

    Deposits and Coverage

    The rental company will require a security deposit of 300,00 € when you pick your car up. The deposit will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met.

    Due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates and other possible banking charges, the car hire company cannot be held responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded.


    The said Motor Car is the absolute property of the owner and is act third party insured

    1. The hirer agrees to be responsible for the amount of  (ALL)  damage which may be caused to the said motor car whilst it is in his charge.
    2. The hire agrees that he will not permit any other person to drive the said Motor Vehicle unless previously agreed by the owner such agreement being signified on this agreements by the owner.
    3. The hirer agrees that failure to adhere strictly to Clause No 2 will make him responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle during the period of hire.
    4. The hirer hereby certifies that he has been informed of all the conditions contained in third party Insurance policy is respect to the said Motor Vehicle and hereby agrees to abide the terms of this agreement.
    5. Damaged tyred or windscreen is clients responsibility and are not covered by the insurance
    6. It doesn’t cover other parts of the car (e.g. interior or undercarriage), or charges (e.g. for towing or off-road time), or anything in the car (e.g. child seats or personal belongings).
    7. The Hirer, will be bound to pay to the Owners 10€  (Ten Euro) per day so up to 20 days the vehicle is under repair or is off the road.
    8. If an extension is required this must be requested and paid for in advance, otherwise the client is uninsured, unauthorized to drive the car, and due to pay the company E 2 (Two Euro) per hour.


    When you pick your car up, the fuel tank will be full or partly full. Just before you return your car, please replace the fuel you’ve used. The car rental company will charged you for every missing quarter of a tank.
    Petrol is not refundable for any reasons.

    MILEAGE - Unlimited

    Your rental includes unlimited free kilometres.

    Rental Cancellation

    You can cancel the booking before your rental is due to start or after the agreement starts and the money you have paid will be refunded, minus the cost of 3 days from the total amount of your booking/rental agreement:

    If you had booked the car for 3 days, then you will not receive any refund.

    Car Hire Company Important Information:

    Lost Keys – If you lose your key(s), you will be charged the cost of replacement plus other form of costs.

    Please be aware that all cars have a non-smoking policy. Fines will apply if this policy is not adhered to.

    All our vehicles must be returned clean and washed as provided. If the vehicle is returned in dirty exterior/interior condition the Company is justified to charge € 50.

    We are not responsible if the space of the car you booked is not enough for all the people or all luggages. 

    When you pick your car up, we will need you to sign a rental agreement. Please make sure you read it carefully.

    By making this booking, you are confirming that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions.

    Not permitted by the Rental company


    Drive this vehicle in the occupied areas of Cyprus controlled by the Turkish Army Insurance policies of this vehicle are not valid in the occupied areas of Cyprus. If the Renter has any intention of crossing into the occupied area, the Owners should be contacted without failure.


    • Local Taxes
    • Road Fee / Road Licensing Fee
    • Your rental includes unlimited free kilometers.