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    AGIA NAPA MONASTERY (Famagusta District)

    The Monastery of Agia Napa lies in the village which bears the same name. No one knows exactly when the Monastery was built. The cave, the hiding place and the well, testifies to the presence of a Christian community there during the Byzantine years (11th century). The first part of the temple was built during the Frankish period (13th – 14th century), while the rest of the Monastery was completed in the 15th century. As the Monastery stands today it is widely accepted that is a construction of the 15th century, a time during which Cyprus was under the Venetian regime. The monastery is held as the most prominent landmark in the heart of Ayia Napa. It is accessible to everyone who desires to study it, or light a candle for a loved one, and is located in the central square, about 2km away from the harbour. Among some of the well-known visitors of the monastery was the Nobel Prize poet Giorgos Seferis, a Greek man, who was awestruck by the beauty he beheld when he visited it. He decided to dedicate a hymn to the Monastery, thus writing the poem “Ayia Napa B’ ”which can be found in his collection of poems titled “Emerologio Katastromatos C” (Logbook III.)

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