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    AMATHOUS ANCIENT CITY (Limassol District)

    Situated near the vicinity of Agios Tychon, the ruins of one of the biggest ancient kingdoms of the island lay here: Amathus, which was also a royal city. It derived its name from Amathusa, the mother of King Kinyras from Paphos. According to folktale, the city of Amathus was home to one of the sons of Heracles, who incidentally, was worshipped there. According to another folktale, the attractive daughter of Minos, Ariadne, fled from the labyrinth in Crete with Thesus, and was later abandoned in Amathus. It is said that she died there while giving birth and was buried in a sacred tomb. Undisputed historical evidence shows that the area was populated at least 3,000 years ago.

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