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    KOLOSSI MEDIEVAL CASTLE (Limassol District)

     Situated on the South coast of Cyprus, west of Limassol city, the famous Kolossi Castle stands an imposing site. This Medieval fort is one of the most important on the island. Lying in the heart of a rich and fertile valley to the mouth of the river Kouris, the castle was often mentioned by sightseers of the Middle Ages. This was mainly due to its vast olive, cereal, sugar-cane and locust-tree plantations not to mention its vineyards.

    This was the crux of one of the most important feuds of the noble Franks during their sovereignty over Cyprus. In 1210 A.D. Hughes I, the sovereign of the de Lusignan’s dynasty, granted this rich property to the friars of the Order of Saint John. The area’s name is most likely derived from a former feudal lord of the province- Gerinus de Colos.

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