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    NICOSIA VENETIAN WALLS (Nicosia District)

    The first walls surrounding Nicosia were built by the Franks in the 14th century and encircled a greater area than the Venetian walls built in the 16th century that still encircle the old town. When the Venetians had sovereignty of Cyprus, they pulled down the Frankish walls because they were out dated against new weapons as was artillery. Another reason for tearing down the walls was that they were too large to be manned by the Venetian army and too close to the hills. The Venetian walls were fortified by 11 heart shaped bastions forming a circle and encompassed by an 80 metre wide moat. The walls were made of mud, bricks, and with stone bolstering the lower part. The walls were repaired and the upper part covered with stone by the Ottomans when they occupied Nicosia

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