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    Its beautifully unique natural environment is complemented by its traditional villages and architecture which lend it a special character and are always welcoming of visitors in the traditional warm and hospitable Cypriot way. Such an environment imbues a peaceful harmony between humans and nature, something which can be felt as soon as you have arrived […]

    NICOSIA OLD CITY (Nicosia District)

    With its 5000 yearlong history, walking is the ideal way to get a feel for the character, history and continual cultural development of Lefkosia (Nicosia). Despite its historical difficulties, Nicosia is still the heart of Cyprus. This can be seen through the ongoing efforts to revitalize the old city, especially through the Nicosia Master Plan, […]

    AMATHOUS ANCIENT CITY (Limassol District)

    Situated near the vicinity of Agios Tychon, the ruins of one of the biggest ancient kingdoms of the island lay here: Amathus, which was also a royal city. It derived its name from Amathusa, the mother of King Kinyras from Paphos. According to folktale, the city of Amathus was home to one of the sons […]

    NICOSIA VENETIAN WALLS (Nicosia District)

    The first walls surrounding Nicosia were built by the Franks in the 14th century and encircled a greater area than the Venetian walls built in the 16th century that still encircle the old town. When the Venetians had sovereignty of Cyprus, they pulled down the Frankish walls because they were out dated against new weapons […]

    AGIA NAPA MONASTERY (Famagusta District)

    The Monastery of Agia Napa lies in the village which bears the same name. No one knows exactly when the Monastery was built. The cave, the hiding place and the well, testifies to the presence of a Christian community there during the Byzantine years (11th century). The first part of the temple was built during […]

    FAMAGUSTA GATE (Nicosia District)

    Famagusta Gate is the most important of the three gates of the Venetian Walls of Nicosia in the eastern part of the walls in Old Nicosia. Built in the the 16th century by the Venetians in order to defend the city against the Ottoman Turks. Originally named Porta Guiliani after Giulio Savorgnano, the designer of […]


    Part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, this wonderful Neolithic settlement was discovered well preserved. The site depicts the Neolithic period in Cyprus, offering insight on the Neolithic culture in the area. This site contains 5 dwellings that have been reconstructed based on the Neolithic construction mould. In the reconstruction, the same methods of […]