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    KOLOSSI MEDIEVAL CASTLE (Limassol District)

     Situated on the South coast of Cyprus, west of Limassol city, the famous Kolossi Castle stands an imposing site. This Medieval fort is one of the most important on the island. Lying in the heart of a rich and fertile valley to the mouth of the river Kouris, the castle was often mentioned by sightseers […]


    Kourion is one of the most stunning archaeological sites on the island. It was a great city kingdom and today new treasures are still being discovered there. What is most prominent in this site is the Greco – Roman amphitheatre. Villas with extravagant mosaic floors and an early Christian Basilica are among the treasures that […]

    Baths of Aphrodite

    Situated about 18 miles from the coastal town of Paphos, the natural cavern here features a caved shallow pool encompassed by ferns and a large fig tree which caters for the shade.  A natural spring supplies the water to the pool. According to myth, Aphrodite would bathe in this pool and is where she first […]

    Lara Beach

    You can get there from driving to Pegia and then to Agios Georgios.  The sand is soft and golden, while the sea is crystal clear and clean.  Lara Bay is an essential Green Turtle and Hawk’s Bill turtle breeding ground both are endangered species.  Provisions are constantly been made for safe sites for the egg […]

    Avakas Gorge

    Found on the western tip of the Akamas Peninsula, this impressive gorge lies approximately 18 kilometres from the coastal town of Paphos. The trail leading through the gorge is roughly 2½ kilometres long with sheer rocks on both sides reaching up to 260 feet in height, the narrowest point being 10 feet wide. Deep inside the gorge […]

    Akamas Peninsula National Park

    Blue Lagoon Blue lagoon is the most popular place of Akamas and thousands of people have visited it by boat.  The crystal blue waters in this small bay are so clear, you can see all the way to the underlying sea bed.  The water in this area of the Akamas Peninsula is so inviting and […]

    Hamam Omerye (Nicosia District)

    The History of Hamam The Hamam has had a timeless value since its establishment and continues to be a number one choice, a pole of attraction for people who wish to be healthy and well. From the olden days, Hamams have played a definitive role in the structure of cultures seen as they where used […]